The complex applies state-of-the-art technologies to help protect America’s future in three core areas: nuclear technology and materials, security/consequence management and manufacturing/technical services. As part of the Department of Energy’s infrastructure reduction plan, the agency called for the demolition of radiological contaminated Y-12 buildings and site remediation for rebuilding.

Conti Federal performed the building demolitions to grade in a high security area while managing the unique challenges posed by the varied purpose of each building. Previous usages included solvent extraction and purification, chemical unloading stations, wet-chemistry operations for uranium processing, waste monitoring stations and a gas pressure reducing station. Conti Federal handled waste streams including radiologically contaminated asbestos and steel, TSCA regulated radiologically contaminated wood and metal and other radiologically contaminated items.

Conti Federal developed a unique demolition approach to keep material from falling outside the building footprint and potentially damaging existing utilities where demolition staging, phasing and coordination became crucial. These process and utility lines serviced a Category 2 nuclear facility a few feet away. The building demolitions were completed with no major safety incidents.

Key features of the project included:

  • Demolished buildings and tanker unloading station
  • Removed 11,500 cubic feet of hazardous materials
  • Recycled or disposed of 14,000 cubic feet of non-contaminated material
  • Restored site, including new construction
  • Characterized, packaged, segregated, transported, and disposed and/or recycled waste