Conti Federal delivered hangars, aircraft support buildings, equipment sheds, a maintenance area, an aviation fuel station, as well as taxiways, and an extension of an existing runway to support the mission of the Israeli Air Force.

The project required the excavation of 484,000 cubic yards of earthen material to create a landscaped hill and the backfilling and compaction of layers for site preparation. Following site work, the team placed reinforced concrete hangar floor slabs and walls. Embedment plates facilitated hangar structural steelwork roof truss connections to the walls and required accurate placing and casting. Conti Federal then added structural steel roofs covered by a “sandwich” cladding system. We then galvanized and painted steelwork to meet strict corrosion protection requirements due to close proximity to the sea.

Permanent solar powered hot water heaters/boilers (solar panels and boiler) were placed on the roof of all buildings requiring hot water.

The project extended the base’s existing runway and delivered new taxiways. Total aviation paving was approximately 307,000 square feet. Upon completion, Conti Federal also supplied and installed a special runway lighting system. In addition, Conti Federal constructed new roads and parking areas.

Key features of the project included:

  • Construction of 12 aircraft hangars, two aircraft support buildings, and three equipment sheds
  • Extension of western runway and construction of a new western taxiway connecting from western runway to the facilities
  • A new eastern taxiway (apron) connecting the western runway to the existing eastern runway
  • Fuel station, maintenance station and storage building
  • Roads and parking areas
  • Installed blast doors and other security features