Supporting the Department of Defense and Beyond

The United States government depends on reliable contractors to support their missions worldwide. Conti Federal has proudly done that in a number of capacities, but none larger than supporting the federal government in construction on military bases globally and building critical infrastructure that supports our citizens.

From constructing Hardened Aircraft Shelters in Israel to building flood walls post-Hurricane Katrina, Conti Federal has excelled in solving difficult problems in creative and original ways while reducing schedule and cost for our clients.

In this image: In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, USACE New Orleans set out to bring New Orleans levees up to the 100-year flood protection level. 

In this image: Conti Federal delivered the construction of 21 total structures, including 8 Hardened Aircraft Structure for the Israeli Air Force. 

In this image: To reduce damages from rainfall flooding in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes, Conti Federal constructed new pumping stations and better drainage canals and culverts.

In this image: Conti Federal constructed a 28,000-square-foot Fighter Alert Shelter for the universal fighter aircraft along with a number of special construction requirements in support of the Air National Guard.

In this image: Conti Federal’s floodwall will provide 100-year flood protection to the 23,000 residents of Plaquemines Parish. 

In this image: Conti Federal constructed the new C-17 Assault Landing Zone runway on a fast-paced schedule through harsh winter months to successfully complete construction.

In this image: Conti Federal upgraded the Susquehanna River's existing Flood Protection System, which included moveable floodgates as well as the construction of plazas to benefit the community.

In this image: Conti Federal team returned a mission-critical runway to operational status in just 28 calendar days, finishing ahead of schedule, thanks to its proprietary Warrior Lean methodology,