Conti Federal renovated two existing Hardened Aircraft Shelters, including existing domes for protecting the aircrafts, a transformer room and offices, bunkers, utility rooms, and ammo rooms. The team also upgraded existing taxiways and roadways.

The main building of each shelter was made up of two wings separated by a corridor with three houses on each wing (six houses total) and facilities which included ground equipment storage rooms, a central complex, and four ammunition dumps.

The project team renovated major electric and communication systems, painting and air pressure works, and water and sewage systems. Finishing included architectural work (interior walls, floors and doors), mechanical work (cranes, doors and gates), fire protection (fire detection and fire extinguishing systems), HVAC systems, and waterproofing.

Conti Federal completed this project on a tight schedule with worksites crossing active aircraft taxiways which made scheduling a challenge. The Conti Federal team worked closely with the Israeli Air Force and USACE to follow regulation instructions from the base headquarters during work hours to secure the safety of aircrafts crossing the worksite and coordinate scheduling with other aircraft traffic.

Key features of the project included:

  • Renovated two two-wing hardened aircraft shelter buildings
  • Installed communication, fire protection, water and sewage
  • Upgraded electrical structure and installed HVAC
  • Renovated cranes, doors and gates
  • Performed finishing work
  • Performed earthwork
  • Worked on an active Israeli Air Force Base