Conti Federal renovated existing power station Buildings 1 and 2, including the supply and installation of high capacity generator/transformers, on two different project sites. Conti Federal installed synchronization systems, electrical switchboards of all voltages, a fuel system including indoor and underground fuel tanks, ventilation and HVAC systems, a Building Management System, fire detection and extinguishing systems, a portable transformation station, waterproofing and mechanical work for ventilation and protection of the new systems.

Conti Federal also installed comprehensive diesel fuel storage, and a filtering and dispensing facility for the two power stations, including underground double-walled steel storage fuel tanks, above ground single-walled operating fuel tanks with a 2,000-liter capacity, a leak detection system and interconnecting piping systems. The scope of work included dismantling the existing equipment, supplying and installing generators, synchronization system, transformers, electrical switchboards (high, medium and low voltage), fuel system (including indoor fuel tanks and underground fuel tanks), ventilation and HVAC systems, building management system, fire detection and extinguishing system and portable transformation station.

Despite many changes, multiple sites and a variety of scopes and owner-requested changes, Conti Federal completed the first power station early and finished the overall project on schedule.

Key features of the project included:

  • Renovated two electrical 4,000 kVa power station buildings
  • Supplied, mounted and installed three generators and two transformers
  • Installed two new underground fuel storage tanks and two 2,000 liter above ground fuel tanks
  • Installed fire detections and extinguishing system

Conti Federal worked over 21,000 man hours with zero recordable incidents and was commended by USACE Europe for our proactive safety program and high level safety managers.