Conti Federal has been entrusted to repair critical system vulnerabilities at Building 440 and Building 446 on NSA Naples Capodichino. Currently ongoing, Conti Federal has completed 100% of the ICD/ICS 705 accredited for the hardened and secure Temporary Modular Building adjacent to Building 440.

The Building 440 construction will involve critical system upgrades, major electrical upgrades, three new generators, UPS upgrades, HVAC upgrades and chiller replacement, and replacement of the passenger and freight elevators. This will create critical redundancy, without operational impacts and enhance warfighter resiliency.  In order to perform this work Conti Federal will have to temporarily relocate the tenants of the building. For the relocation, we will have to renovate portions of Building 446 and construct a temporary modular facility for swing space for the phasing of the Building 440 construction.

Conti Federal will convert portions Building 446, a six-story, 135,000 square foot barracks building, to administrative spaces to provide temporary office space for approximately 150-personnel at Building 440. This work includes upgrades to the core utilities to meet current and future building occupant load requirements. We will also renovate the third and fourth floors including the demolition of individual living space walls, doorways, closets, light fixtures, kitchenettes, and toilets to create open office spaces, private offices, conference rooms, restrooms, break rooms, and IT server room spaces.

As a second swing-space facility, Conti Federal will coordinate the design, fabrication and construction of a temporary modular facility.  This facility will have all the necessary elements of a secure facility.

Conti Federal’s coordination of the HVAC and electrical upgrades, commissioning, staff relocation, and swing space, while maintaining security protocols and operations will be critical to project success.