Security and Sensitivity

Conti Federal has decades of experience providing secure construction services to a variety of federal clients in a wide scope of geographic areas. Serving NAVFAC, numerous USACE Districts, and the Architect of the Capitol, Conti Federal specializes in complex projects involving secure environments.

Emphasizing expertise in physical security, technical security, and ICD/ICS 705 compliant facilities, Conti Federal is capable of tackling complex and time-critical projects on-time and on-budget.

In this image: Conti Federal is working to repair critical building systems at the Naval Support Activity in Naples, Italy. 

In this image: The Conti Federal design-build team enhanced the perimeter security of the Russell Senate Office as well as ensuring accessibility by incorporating ADA compliant ramps into the design.

In this image: To help safeguard the community and the 19,000-acre high-security facility, Conti Federal installed 5.7 miles of security fence and supporting infrastructure. 

In this image: Conti Federal completed security upgrades for the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and Williamsburg Bridge to ensure commuters were protected. 

In this image: Conti Federal designed, constructed, and installed an advanced security system to the Upper Senate Park both on time and under budget.

In this image: Conti Federal strengthened perimeter security to the Ford House in Washington, DC as a safeguard from vehicular intrusion.

In this image: The power plant’s security is of utmost importance as it is critical infrastructure for the smooth functioning of the federal government.