Up-to-date security measures are vital to such important facilities and as a result, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) called for a strengthening of the perimeter security at both of these major airports.

Conti upgraded the JFK and LGA security systems in a timely and cost-efficient manner. The project called for the installation of a large buoy system, including warning and security buoys in waterways adjacent to LGA and JFK. The scope also required Conti to drive lighted timber and steel piles (19 total piles at LGA and 12 at JFK) and install a Tuffboom barrier system, which are designed to stop unauthorized small water craft traffic. Conti assembled the Tuffboom on-site before installation.

The buoy system consisted of 10 buoys at LGA and 19 at JFK. This included 12 lighted buoy units, each sitting at 10ft 7in with a 5ft diameter and weighing around 3,750 lbs. when fully assembled. The 17 unlighted buoys weighed 1,075 lbs and stood at 8ft 6in with a 3ft diameter. The lighted timber piles that complemented the buoy system were each 55 feet long and held solar-powered lights.

Conti also performed technically advanced “Aickinstrut” Fencing installation. This special fencing is made of lightweight fiberglass material and reduces the airports’ radio interference.

Key features of the project included:

  • Installation of security buoys (lighted and unlighted)
  • Driving of lighted timber piles
  • Installation of “Aickinstrut” fencing
  • Installation of Tuffboom water barriers