A major national disaster declaration was issued by the U.S. Government due to loss of hundreds of lives, power outages in the millions and property damage in the billions of dollars. Significant destruction to transportation infrastructure required immediate emergency response. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) immediately called for emergency response action to begin the cleanup and rebuild of the area’s heavily used critical infrastructure.

Conti Federal restored portions of the busy New Jersey Turnpike (I-95) near New York City that were severely damaged by the storm as well as clogged with debris.

The project team repaired an 800-foot crumbled portion of Exit 15W that was completely destroyed due to flooding and high winds. Conti Federal worked around the clock to quickly remove the damaged portion of the road, grade the area, and place new asphalt to make the roadway operational.  To complete the repairs, Conti Federal installed new guardrails and re-striped the lanes. The team also repaired embankment damage with rip-rap to prevent unstable soil from causing a landslide.

In the same area of this very busy highway, over a mile stretch of the roadway and adjacent embankments were covered with debris that had washed ashore. Debris ranged from trees and organic material to building and household items. Conti Federal safely removed and hauled the debris to a waste transfer station to be sorted, categorized and properly disposed of.

Key features of the project included:

  • Emergency repair of the highway
  • Paving and striping of roadway
  • Installation of guard rails
  • Removal and disposal of debris
  • Regrading and seeding of embankment