Hurricane Ike, one of the most destructive storms to hit the United States, severely damaged the landscape and buildings along Bolivar Peninsula to High Island, Texas. Several spots along the Gulf Coast Intracoastal Waterway designated as dredged material PAs were damaged, clogged and otherwise rendered unusable. As a result, waterways used as critical transportation routes were becoming difficult to navigate as the United States Army Corps of Engineers regularly dredged the waterway using the PAs for material placement.

Conti Federal, under its Rapid Response contract, restored the dredged material PAs into working order. Because of the remote, hurricane-devastated location, the project team mobilized equipment by barge and lived in RVs near the site.

Working with these challenging logistics, Conti Federal repaired, raised and constructed sections of levees on three placement areas and rebuilt four drop outlet structures to allow water emanating from hydraulic dredging to drain back into the waterway without significant spoilage loss.

The team also safely disposed of over 15,000 pounds of household hazardous wastes, 4,500 pounds of electronic waste and 108,000 cubic yards of construction and demolition debris.

Key features of the project included:

  • Excavated shoaling on intercoastal bank for hopper, spud barge and EQ barges and crew boat access
  • Mobilized heavy equipment by flat top barge to placement areas
  • Set up staging area
  • Set up fuel depot
  • Collected and removed debris
  • Rebuilt dredged material placement areas

Awarded Project of the Year for the Texas Region in 2010 by Engineering-News Record.

The Highlights



The team safely disposed of more than 15,000 pounds of household hazardous wastes.


Cubic Yards

Conti Federal also disposed of 108,000 cubic yards of construction and demolition debris.



4,5000 pounds of electronic waste were also safely disposed of by the Conti Federal team.