While performing geophysical investigations and utilizing inspection trenches along the New Orleans levee system, USACE discovered a number of seeping sewer, gas and water pipes in Orleans Parish. These utility lines could have compromised levee stability and posed a flood threat to the area.

The Conti Federal project team implemented a variety of techniques to quickly excavate, grout and/or remove utility lines and pipes before the next hurricane season under a Rapid Response Contract. An investigation of the entire site was done to determine the number and location of utilities. The team fast tracked this process and saved time by utilizing existing survey reports.

Once utilities were found, the team excavated the pipes so they could be removed and/or grouted and replaced. This was accomplished without any disturbances to the levees. Conti Federal used a track-excavator to minimize ground pressure and prevent damage to the levee system.

Conti Federal also kept environmental concerns at the forefront throughout the project, ensuring scrap metal obtained from excavation was sent to a recycling facility and concrete was crushed to the maximum extent possible and stockpiled at the Army’s yard for use on future projects.

Conti Federal safely and rapidly completed the project successfully a month before the deadline so New Orleans was better prepared for the next hurricane season.

Key features of the project included:

  • Located, excavated, and removed utilities
  • Grouted
  • Controlled surface area runoff
  • Disposed of debris
  • Backfilled and performed site restoration, landscaping, and re-vegetation
  • Utilized geo-probe
  • Installed new water main