Since many of the homes were infected with mold and other harmful bacteria due to previously high water levels, the structures were condemned and designated to be removed.

Conti Federal supported hurricane recovery efforts under its Rapid Response contract by executing the proper disposal of hazardous waste in a timely manner. Through management of multiple collection crews, Conti Federal profiled bulked and non-bulked waste materials and then packaged and manifested them for delivery to certified disposal or recycling facilities.

Pad crews handled, segregated, bulked, packaged and shipped over 6,500 commercial hazardous waste and household hazardous waste containers during the course of the project.

The variety of hazardous material included e-waste (electronics), bio-waste (hypodermic needles, medications) car batteries and white goods (large appliances). The team disposed of 15,000 pounds of household hazardous wastes, 4,500 pounds of e-waste and 108,000 cubic yards of construction and demolition debris.

Conti Federal worked over 79,000 labor hours without a lost time incident on this project.

Key features of the project included:

  • Received, staged, sampled, and characterized household wastes and hazardous wastes
  • Staged and recycled e-waste and white goods
  • Disposed, sampled, and profiled bulked and non-bulked waste
  • Managed large quantities of firearms, military ordnance, fireworks/pyrotechnics, and ammunition