The Russell Senate Office Building, named in honor of Senator Richard Russell Jr., was opened in 1909 and is the oldest of the senate office buildings, which were conceived to mitigate overcrowding in the Capitol Building. The 9/11 attacks necessitated that temporary security measures be placed along the street corner at the intersection of Delaware and Constitution Ave, directly in front of the main entrance to the building to prevent vehicles from ramming the building. Conti Federal replaced these temporary measures with government-supplied permanent K crash rated bollards.

The Conti Federal design-build team detailed the Architect of the Capitol-provided conceptual drawings and made modifications as needed. For example, during the design and site investigation process, the team discovered that unanticipated underground utilities meant that the bollards grade beam could not be lowered to allow for the depression in the sidewalk needed to accommodate the ADA compliant ramp in the design. Working with the Architect of the Capitol, Conti Federal evaluated the mitigating options, determined the most cost effective method, and proposed the change. Our efforts maintained the ramp’s functionality while keeping the bollard spacing at a consistent distance and compliant with the K crash rating.

Conti Federal worked to ensure that materials and finishes used matched the existing site materials. The team’s efforts resulted in a seamless transition and uniform look in the work zone and surrounding areas.

Key features of the project included:

  • Installed concrete foundations and bollards
  • Restored masonry and other stone features
  • Restored and constructed new sidewalks
  • Performed curb and gutter work
  • Installed street lights