Built in the early 1900s, the oldest of the Senate Office building in Washington, DC is the Russell Senate Office Building, which stands as a testament to the era’s majestic architecture. However, the courtyard was in need of upgrades due to its aging security system. Similarly, the Hart Tunnel, entrance to the Hart Building’s underground parking garage, suffered from ineffective traffic barriers.

Conti Federal met all the specifications for this security renovation project, on time and on budget. For the Russell Courtyard, the team replaced an old wooden shed with a bulletproof security police shelter, removed an old barrier and installed a brick driveway in its place while carefully protecting the historic archway. For the Hart Tunnel, the team removed and replaced barriers to create a sally port for vehicles. The sally port required a set of barriers that raise and lower so the entrance is always protected and secured. Due to underground obstructions, the K-rated barriers did not have sufficient clearance, so Conti regraded the area to elevate the barriers before paving the tunnel entrance.

Work near the tunnel entrance took place under the building and the high security conditions proved to be a challenge for team productivity. Constant communication and proactive planning with the client, Architect of the Capitol, enabled Conti Federal to meet deadlines. Conti Federal offered alternative plans and provided 72-hour advance notice regarding scheduling conflicts. This collaborative attitude between Conti Federal and the Architect of the Capitol led to a successful relationship and significantly improved the security of the Hart Tunnel and Russell Courtyard.

Key features of the project included:

  • Installed bulletproof guardhouse
  • Installed cooling, heating, and communication systems
  • Removed non-functional barrier
  • Demolished barriers
  • Relocated pump house
  • Restored site
  • Regraded and paved