The Y-Tunnel was constructed in 1938. The Y-Tunnel is used to convey steam to the Government Printing Office, Postal Square and other Government Buildings at the North Campus of the Capitol Complex. The tunnel houses two steam lines, one condensate line, one high condensate line and appurtenances. The Y-Tunnel has numerous concrete delaminations, spalls and small sections of missing concrete. Existing tunnel egress does not meet current regulations.

For this design-build project, Conti Federal installed new and upgraded existing tunnel egress and demolished and installed new electrical and ventilation systems in the tunnel. Specific work included installing two OSHA-compliant egress structures and renovating two existing egress structures to bring them into compliance; installing and renovating three air intake points and one exhaust point, and upgrading the ventilation grates; upgrading emergency lighting throughout the tunnel to meet safety codes, and installing new HVAC and electrical systems after demolishing the existing out of date systems.

Key features of the project included:

  • Design-build
  • Upgraded egress structures
  • Installed/renovated air intake and exhaust points
  • Upgraded ventilation grates
  • Installed a new HVAC system
  • Upgraded emergency lighting
  • Demolished/replaced the electrical systems