To address this need quickly, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) called for the fast-track construction of a facility within the William J. Hughes Tech Center at the Atlantic City International Airport.

Conti Federal managed the design-build of the FAA’s Federal Air Marshal training facility in less than 120 days. In addition to constructing the pre-engineered building, Conti performed site work, furnishing of the building and interior work, including installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. At project completion, Conti had installed a facility outfitted with a close-combat training quarters, training classrooms, a large high bay training area, an office and management area, bathroom facilities, a cafeteria and a remote operated audio/visual system.

During filling and grading operations, Conti Federal used high early strength concrete mixes to allow the facility’s foundation to be loaded as early as possible to keep on schedule. Conti also maintained the aggressive schedule by performing site work concurrently with building construction, requiring close coordination between crews, and working around the clock. In addition to working quickly, Conti Federal completed these operations on an active operational airport. This required crews to maintain access to stationary airplanes used in training at all times, which Conti Federal accomplished by planning activities carefully and coordinating with the airport daily.

Key features of the project included:

  • Design-build
  • Constructed pre-engineered steel structure
  • Laid structural foundations and grade beams
  • Managed design
  • Installed site utilities
  • Performed site preparation and restoration (excavation, grading, soil erosion, pavement, topsoil, and seed)