The Air Force Civil Engineer Center (formerly Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment), initiated the Hydrant Fuel System program to provide annual tightness testing, monthly monitoring and repair response for suspected leaks. Conti Federal provided permanent leak detection system installation, pipeline construction, tank gauge supply and replacement and secondary containment repair and certification in defense facilities in 33 US states and 8 other countries (Japan, Korea, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany and the United Kingdom).

Project teams rapidly mobilized to keep ahead of the Air Force’s annual reporting needs. Conti Federal pooled its resources with subcontractors, creating dedicated activity-specific project teams to deploy consistent resources familiar with the work activities. Onsite Conti Federal crews worked diligently to plan and execute all leak tests and repairs quickly, as the bases needed work to be completed on a time-accelerated schedule. Conti Federal performed pipeline leak investigations, repair, excavation, screening and sampling, soil segregation and stockpiling, removal of failed pipelines and installation of new pipelines during active air field operations and finished without having to temporarily close any DOD facilities.

Conti Federal managed more than 40 task orders simultaneously to keep flight operations running, coordinating with active air fields to test and remediate over 100 pipeline locations worldwide.

Key features of the project included:

  • Installed and constructed permanent leak detection systems
  • Constructed and repaired pipelines
  • Repaired and certified secondary containment
  • Supplied and replaced fuel storage tank gauge and associated hydrant system appurtenances
  • Restored and remediated site areas and structures