Upon performing routine testing of the fuel lines at Anderson Air Force Base under Conti Federal’s Air Force leak detection and annual tightness testing contract, the team discovered a critical leak. Conti Federal mobilized to this Pacific Island site to lock-out, tag-out, and replace a leaking 8-inch fuel line with a new double-block-and-bleed system. The team reviewed and coordinated the schedule and all work activities with the Anderson Air Force Base fuels department before commencing. Quality control activities included holiday tests, nitrogen pressure tests, welding, and welding x-rays before the new piping system was approved; the crew also performed continuous air quality monitoring.

The team performed this work alongside an active B-2 bomber plane runway at odd times in coordination with the take-off and landing schedule. The team was often required to wrap up a current segment of work to accommodate for an incoming plane with only a few hours’ notice on any given day. The crew was escorted to the airside workstation each day in accordance with the base’s strict security procedures. Conti Federal used a local workforce to complete work safely.

Conti Federal pre-planned and effectively managed logistics and procurement of materials from the mainland to the project site and succeeded in completing this critical project on time for the Air Force.

Key features of the project include:

  • Excavated 20 ft wide by 150 ft long fuel line trench
  • Replaced 8-inch fuel pipeline
  • Complex coordination with the base and the Department of Homeland Security
  • Worked alongside an active runway for bomber planes
  • Restored and remediated sod and site areas