In the aftermath of the storm, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) called for action by implementing the Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System (HSDRRS) for 100-year flood protection. The latest installment in this program is the West Bank and Vicinity (WBV) Mississippi River Levee (MRL) 4.2 project in Plaquemines Parish from Turn Bend to Belle Chase. This project improves hurricane and flood control protection, decreasing future damage potential.

Conti Federal constructed approximately 6,589 linear feet of new concrete floodwall stretching from Oak Road to the Belle Chase Ferry Landing. The floodwall has a final elevation of 24.5 feet. During the installation of the temporary flood protection, the existing concrete slope was degraded the team constructed four earthen ramps leading up to the floodgates. Each ramp has a “swing” or “roller” equipped with rubber seals for controlling leaks.  The swing gates are hinged on one side and placed so flood water pressure will push on the gate in the direction of its swing when in the closed position. The roller gates are placed on the river side of the wall and slide into place.

Conti Federal installed an additional 15 linear feet of new right-of-way, which is required on the protected side of the existing levee, creating roadway access for flood prevention and inspection purposes running on top of the levee adjacent to the floodwall.

Conti Federal utilized a local workforce to complete this project. The new floodwall will meet the standards USACE set for 100-year flood control protection for the Plaquemines Parish community.

Key features of the project included:

  • Degraded 74,000 cubic yards of existing levee
  • Installed temporary flood protection
  • Constructed a 6,589 linear foot reinforced concrete floodwall
  • Drove 310,000 linear feet of pipe piles
  • Installed 330,000 square feet of sheeting
  • Installed 2 roller gates and 1 swing gate
  • Constructed cross ramps

The project earned the Best Project award from Engineering News-Record magazine for the Texas/Louisiana region.