After Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey on October 29, 2012, the United States government issued a major national disaster declaration due to loss of lives, power outages in the millions and property damage in the billions of dollars. New Jersey Transit (NJT) called on local contractors to perform extensive emergency repairs to critical infrastructure and transportation hubs.

Conti Federal took on the challenge of quickly restoring power, clearing light rail lines and preparing the Hoboken Terminal (ferry, bus and rail) for reopening to the public in the aftermath of the storm. The station was badly damaged during the storm when a 5-foot storm surge inundated the facility. Conti Federal connected the terminal to a generator from the United States Army Corps of Engineers to power lighting systems for the train platforms, entrance ways, pedestrian walkways and waiting areas. The team also constructed temporary pedestrian walkways from the ferry terminal to the bus terminals with temporary lighting to provide commuters with a safe thoroughfare. Conti Federal worked around the clock over a weekend to successfully get the terminal operational for the Monday morning commute.

A New Jersey Transit office building at the Camden location had also sustained extensive roof damage from the storm. Conti Federal provided temporary repairs to prevent further damage and then completed permanent repairs. The team’s rapid response and cooperative attitude to perform safe, thorough work was greatly appreciated by the client and the community.

Key features of the project included:

  • Restored temporary power to transit terminal
  • Installed temporary lighting
  • Restored pedestrian walkway
  • Cleared debris from rail tracks
  • Constructed and repaired temporary and permanent office building roof