Coming in for a Successful Landing

Providing the United States with global mobility since 1942, the McGuire Air Force Base houses technologically advanced C-17 Globemaster transport airplanes and serves as a crucial fixture of America’s Air Force. The C-17 is needed to conduct training exercises, prompting the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) to call for the construction of a new C-17 Assault Landing Zone (ALZ) runway. The purpose of this project was to enable a larger number of C-17s to perform the required training locally rather than travel out of state, saving valuable time and fuel.

Conti Federal constructed the new, high-quality C-17 ALZ runway, including shoulders, overruns, pavement markings, marking panels and lights and modifications to adjacent runway and taxiways. The project team worked on a fast-paced schedule through harsh winter months to complete construction. Grading and pouring concrete became increasingly more challenging as the winter temperatures dropped, so the team utilized advanced heating techniques throughout these stages to keep the project on track.

An additional threat to project scheduling was site security, as all concrete and stone trucks had to undergo comprehensive and time-consuming inspections by base security every time they entered the facility. This required thorough planning of each delivery many days in advance. All of these measures resulted in successful, safe project completed on schedule and budget.

Key features of the project include:

  • Constructed a 4,000 ft by 90 ft runway
  • Installed, graded, and compacted aggregate material
  • Laid storm drainage piping
  • Installed inlets and dowel cages
  • Paved asphalt
  • Performed landscaping
  • Inspected concrete materials

Innovative methods to increase productivity and collaborative problem-solving to mitigate unforeseen conditions made this a successful project for both Conti Federal and the Navy.

The Highlights



The runway was 4,000 ft long by 90 ft wide.



A C-17 burns anywhere from 16,000 to 20,000 pounds of fuel per hour, making the project critical to avoid having to fly out of state for training. 

In this image: The concrete pour is underway.

In this image: Construction is underway on the new C-17 assault landing.

In this image: The Conti Federal team working on the runway.

In this image: The sun shines on the newly paved runway.

In this image: Snow doesn't stop our team from getting the job done once, done right.

In this image: An aerial view of the runway in progress.

In this image: A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on the newly constructed runway.

In this image: A C-17 Globemaster III takes off and flies over McGuire Air Force Base.

“It was a breath of fresh air to work with such a professional and capable contractor.”

Lt. Curtis Ray, NAVFAC Project Engineer