Conti Federal Awarded Task Order for Remedial Action at the Unimatic Manufacturing Superfund Site

Work includes groundwater and sediment remediation

Conti Federal Services, a leading federal construction and engineering firm specializing in environmental remediation, has been awarded a task order contract in an estimated amount of $4,200,000 for remedial action of the Unimatic Manufacturing Corporation Superfund Site, Operable Unit (OU) 2, in Fairfield, Essex County, New Jersey.

Awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Kansas City district under the Pre-placed Remedial Action Contracts (PRAC) , the task order includes groundwater and sediment remediation in accordance with CERCLA and the CERCLA Record of Decision requirements. Conti Federal will be responsible for the proper excavation and disposal of sediments contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and pesticides as well as backfilling the excavated areas with clean soil, wetland restoration, and site restoration. The expected completion date for this project is February 2027.

“We’re thrilled to partner with USACE Kansas City again on this critical environmental cleanup,” said Laura Tobin, Vice President of Environmental Remediation for Conti Federal. “Conti Federal has a long history of environmental remediation projects, particularly in the New Jersey region and we look forward to showcasing our skillset and providing the residents of Fairfield with peace of mind.”

Unimatic constructed an aluminum die casting manufacturing process in 1955, which ran until 2001. The molds used for the diecasting process were coated in lubricants that contained PCBs to prevent the aluminum alloy from adhering to the molds. Spraying these lubricants not only contaminated the interior of the building, but it was discovered that the wastewater pipes that transferred the process water contained a leak, thereby contaminating the groundwater, soil, and sediments at the property.

Conti Federal has extensive environmental remediation and superfund cleanup experience dating back nearly 40 years. Most recently, Conti Federal worked with the USACE Kansas City district on a groundwater treatment project in Hopewell Junction, New York that provided clean water access to more than 300 residents and businesses.