Conti Federal Delivers Eight F-35 Facilities to Israeli Air Force

$72 Million project marks Conti Federal’s latest success in supporting USACE Europe and strategic military missions in Israel

Conti Federal, a leading government construction and engineering firm specializing in complex critical infrastructure, disaster response and recovery, and environmental remediation projects, has delivered multiple newly-completed facilities to the Israeli Air Force (IAF) for its F-35 program.

Working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Europe post, Conti Federal built eight Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS) to provide secure, functional facilities for housing IAF’s F-35 fighter jets. Construction for the shelters also required Conti Federal to build several protective and functional components, including:

  • Custom blast shelter gates and blast doors for further protection of the assets
  • Site development work such as concrete taxiways, utility roads and signage
  • Utility tunnels with major utility & fuel systems

“This latest project represents another major accomplishment in Conti Federal Services’ long-term support of Israel’s critical F-35 program and our partnership with USACE Europe,” said Mike Sziy, regional manager, Israel, Conti Federal Services. “The successful effort exemplified the ‘Done Once, Done Right’ principle that our partners trust us to bring to the job every day.”

Conti Federal used its proprietary Warrior Lean™ construction management process for project planning to schedule each component fully before construction began. Built on lean construction principles, Conti Federal’s Warrior Lean™ approach helped ensure the fast-track project was completed on schedule, despite the unique operational challenges of working around an active airfield.

Conti Federal has executed more than a dozen complex construction projects for USACE Europe in Israel over the past decade, including the construction of a photovoltaic (PV) power plant on a military base in the southern region of the country along with new construction of 20 separate facilities on an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) artillery base.