USACE Philadelphia and Conti Federal Prepare the Bergen New Bridge Medical Center Gymnasium in Paramus, NJ for COVID-19 Patient Care

Bergen County, NJ, has been one of the nation’s hardest hit COVID-19 hot spots. To help local healthcare professionals in dealing with the outbreak, USACE Philadelphia identified the gymnasium of the Bergen New Bridge Medical Center as an ideal potential Alternate Care Facility (ACF) for non-acute COVID-19 patients. Conti Federal is supporting USACE Philadelphia on the design-build conversion of the gymnasium into a 30-bed, non-acute COVID-19 patient ACF, installing new recovery areas, nursing stations and support facilities.

“Conti Federal has worked with USACE and other clients on rapid response assignments for decades,” says Project Manager Andy Weber. “We’re applying the best practices and lessons learned from that work for this ACF. It’s a quick turnaround, get in, get it done, get out kind of project, but these facilities are critical to taking some of the pressure off the hospitals in the area.”

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