Conti Federal Services Appoints Meredith Koons as Director of Small Business Programs

Conti Federal is excited to share the leadership appointment of Meredith Koons as Conti Federal Services’ Director of Small Business Programs, which she has taken on in addition to her role as Director of Marketing. In this new leadership position, Meredith will be responsible for expanding Conti Federal’s networks of small business partners and helping them navigate the federal government contracting landscape.

As Conti Federal continues to expand into new regions and secure large-scale, competitive contracts, having a strong database of small business partners is essential for supporting the company’s rapid growth. Meredith will play a key role in not only growing and diversifying this database, but also supporting and advocating for these partners as they serve on government construction projects. This includes driving outreach efforts and amplifying Conti Federal’s presence at small business conferences through networking and speaking engagements, cultivating working relationships with local groups that support small businesses, and ensuring the continued promotion and diversification of the company’s small business database.

When it comes to supporting and promoting small businesses, marketing plays a critical role. Meredith’s expertise and counsel as our Director of Marketing made her the ideal candidate to take on this new leadership position, and we look forward to utilizing her extensive marketing experience to maximize our service offerings for the small businesses we partner with.

Prior to joining Conti Federal Services, Meredith was the Global Marketing Manager at CETCO, where she executed all international marketing activities for the company through the development of localized strategies for each regional market. She also served as the North American Marketing Manager for Handicare, employing business-to-consumer strategies that created brand awareness and maximized user experience. She also worked with Handicare’s small business partners to help drive marketing and sales efforts at the local level.

Meredith will be attending the SAME Small Business Conference in Atlanta, GA on November 16 – 19, 2021 in the Conti Federal booth, #1204.