Kaylyn Olson Awarded Inaugural Life Saver Award

Conti Federal Site Safety and Health Officer Recently Awarded Company’s First Ever “Life Saver Award”

The Conti Federal executive team is proud to announce that Kaylyn Olson is the inaugural recipient of the company’s Life Saver Award due to her heroics in seeking emergency services for one of her colleagues while working at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NASJRB) in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Life Saver Award is presented to an employee or subcontractor of the company for a credible act that is commendable in nature and displays admirable initiative and accomplishment in the area of safety.

Olson, a Site Safety and Health Officer working on the NASJRB in Fort Worth, is being recognized for her timely and decisive action to seek emergency medical attention for a fellow Conti Federal employee that was experiencing life threatening symptoms. Olson’s quick and thoughtful action undoubtedly saved a life.

When a team member expressed feeling ill, Olson immediately sprang into action to determine whether or not emergency services were warranted. Through her swift response and analysis, she quickly realized that this was not an inconsequential complaint, but rather an indicator of a serious health risk and personally drove the employee to the nearest hospital. As a result of her expeditious actions, she was able to save the worker’s life by getting him emergency care.

Conti Federal Chief Executive Officer, Peter Ceribelli, recognized Olson, commending her “quick and decisive lifesaving actions on that day” by calling her “a true hero.”

David Olcott, Conti Federal Director of Safety, added, “Kaylyn took swift action, without hesitation, and was able to do the right things the right way. Her actions ultimately resulted in preservation of human life. We all hope we never have to deal with these situations; however, this outcome is a testament to continuous training, having a plan, and working the plan.”

Conti Federal takes pride in being able to recognize its employees and trade partners across various aptitudes, and most recently with the addition of the Life Saver Award.