This inactive landfill received industrial chemicals, septic tank and sewage wastes, sludge, greases and oils while in operation. After a treatment plant and extraction system were installed to prevent further contamination of groundwater, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) sought to cap the landfill to prevent potential additional contamination due to storm water at this Superfund site.

Conti Federal constructed the landfill cap and associated site work. The project included access road construction, demolition of existing utilities, grading (cut and fills) of waste and soil materials, installation of gas vents and monitoring wells, groundwater extraction wells, placement of offsite borrow fill, installation of 40-mil LLDPE geomembrane liner, gas-vent sand layer, geocomposite layer, an 18-inch course sand layer, placement and seeding of a top soil cover and installation of rip rap drainage swales to divert storm water. Close coordination with Atlantic City Electric Company was needed to perform work under high tension lines.

Conti Federal utilized several state-of-the-art technologies, including GPS mounted bulldozers so design grades were met while capturing accurate as-built information in real-time. Photovoltaic solar panels were used to power vacuum landfill gas wellheads purifying landfill gas using activated carbon filters. Bio-diesel fuels were also used in construction equipment retrofitted with diesel particulate filters to minimize pollutants sent into the air.

Key features of the project included:

  • Constructed access roads
  • Installed 29 gas vents, 11 solar gas vents & 34 monitoring wells
  • Installed 4 groundwater extraction wells
  • Installed 6,000 linear feet HDPE pipe
  • Installed 26-acre 40-mil LLDPE geomembrane liner
  • Installed 6-inch gas-vent sand and geocomposite drainage layers
  • Placed, seeded 6-inch soil cover
  • Installed drainage swales
  • Installed solar vacuum landfill gas wellheads
  • Plante 158 news trees