Beginning in 2005, tens of thousands of new employees came to Fort Belvoir through a process known as Base Realignment and Closure. Part of the site, however, had formerly been used as training ranges and first needed to be remediated to remove potential unexploded ordinances (UXO) and other solid waste. The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Baltimore District awarded Conti Federal this remediation project under its Small Business Total Environmental Restoration Contract.

Conti Federal performed UXO and solid waste removal and site restoration on 820 acres at the Fort Belvoir Engineer Proving Ground (EPG). Conti Federal managed UXO investigation and removal on training ranges with known or suspected ordnance and explosives, remediation of 17 solid waste management units and implementation of an existing closure plan for a hazardous waste management unit. The team performed UXO surveys, including geophysical surveys on the 10 former ranges, and magnetometer-assisted surface clearance on 275 acres outside the ranges. Contaminants included munitions explosives, petroleum hydrocarbons and metals.

Conti Federal also managed analytical data into the existing environmental database and loaded geographical data into the facility’s geographic information system. Conti Federal documented historical knowledge of the site activities by interviewing former EPG employees. The team performed the work on an extremely tight schedule.

Key features of the project included:

  • Removed UXO munitions from ten former training ranges
  • Remediated 17 solid waste management units
  • Prepared Explosives Safety Submission for approval by the DoD Explosives Safety Board
  • Managed analytical and geographic information system data
  • Managed closure of ranges
  • Implemented a hazardous waste management unit closure plan

The Highlights



UXO munitions were removed from ten former training ranges. 



Conti Federal remediated 17 solid waste management units. 



Conti Federal performed UXO and solid waste removal and site restoration on 820 acres. 

In this image: Dozens of UXOs in front loader, ready for disposal.

In this image: Conti Federal removed UXO munitions from ten former training ranges.

In this image: Excavation under way.

In this image: Conti Federal employee directing the excavating. 

In this image: The team from USACE Baltimore visiting the project team on site. 

In this image: Conti Federal water tanker on site as excavations go on. 

In this image: A team member is careful to remove a cylinder.

In this image: Excavate dirt emptied into dump trucks for disposal. 

“Conti Federal hit the ground running and met every milestone date even though sites evolved into larger sites than originally conceived.”

David Morrow, USACE Baltimore