The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) called for a long term solution to the problem, which included remediation of soils on the 4.4-acre Superfund Site in the densely populated residential and industrial section of Newark, New Jersey.

Conti Federal fully remediated sub-surface materials of Operable Unit 2 on this site, finishing the work in under a year to prevent further spreading of the contaminated groundwater. Work consisted of collecting pre-excavation and waste characterization samples prior to excavation, excavating and disposing of contaminated soil, backfilling excavated areas with onsite crushed brick and cleaning backfill material and grading the entire site. Contaminants included acid chlorides, brominated organics, mineral acids and fire retardant compounds. The team communicated with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and EPA on a daily basis to ensure all specifications were being met. Extra coordination was required as the site was adjacent to busy Conrail and Amtrak rail lines.

Conti Federal developed more efficient methods of soil excavation and weighing during the project which resulted in cost savings to the client of over 10% of the project value. Additionally, Conti Federal worked over 10,250 man hours (220 days) without a lost time or OSHA recordable injury.

Key features of the project included:

  • Prepared topographical and as-built surveys
  • Performed in-situ sampling of contaminated soils (109 pre-excavation, 22 post-excavation)
  • Excavated 23,000 tons of contaminated materials
  • Transported and disposed of 802 truck/container loads
  • Placed and compacted 20,000 cubic yards of backfill
  • Installed air monitoring system and redeveloped wells