Hazardous contaminants threatened New Jersey’s major river from Horseshoe Road. Years of chemical dumping left volatile chemicals in the 12-acre site’s soils and groundwater, which flows to the Raritan River where 14,000 people obtain drinking water from public wells. This led the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to place the site on the National Priorities List. Extensive site surveys revealed the soil contained significant amounts of volatile organic compounds, including trichloroethylene, base-neutral compounds and other contaminants.

Conti Federal rehabilitated the site for this extremely efficient and successful project. The team achieved 493 working days with 71,088 labor hours without a lost time accident to meet United States Army Corps of Engineer’s aggressive project completion deadline. During this time, Conti Federal excavated over 170,000 tons of contaminated soil, conducted in-situ soil sampling for waste stream characterization, managed the efficient disposal of eight waste streams to multiple vendors and developed and implemented a perimeter air monitoring program to protect the surrounding community from harmful emissions. Conti Federal saved the client $300,000 as a result of an innovative sampling method of stockpile dissection and resampling of characterized hazardous stockpiles.

The EPA saw Horseshoe Road as a model jobsite and filmed a “Remedial Project Manager Training” video on Conti Federal’s best practices. The video includes progress meetings, use of cost curves and how to effectively improve communication on site.

Key features of the project included:

  • Excavation, characterization and transportation of contaminated soil to offsite disposal facilities
  • Installation of rail spur
  • Construction of load out area
  • Development and implementation of perimeter air monitoring plan
  • Relocation of existing water main
  • Restoration of wetland and stream
  • Design, installation, operation and decommissioning of temporary water treatment facility

“Horseshoe Road is the best managed jobs I have ever seen.”

-EPA official

The Highlights



Through innovative sampling methods, Conti Federal saved the client $300,000.



Over 170,000 tons of contaminated soil was excavated.



The Raritan River supplies 14,000 people with drinking water.


Labor Hours

The team achieved 493 working days with 71,088 labor hours without a lost time accident.