After investigation, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) determined the odor was caused by hydrogen sulfide generated by debris within the Fenimore Landfill. Although the NJDEP had closed the landfill in 1979, problems for the surrounding community did not arise until the early 2000s. Since then, the NJDEP has taken incremental steps toward remediating the site.

Conti Federal  worked with the NJDEP to help reach that goal by capping 19 acres of the 65-acre landfill. The project team relocated existing garbage and waste, excavated 17,500 cubic yards of waste and earth and installed 22,000 square yards of erosion control, 300 linear feet of storm water discharge pipe and 150 linear feet of monitoring wells, in addition to constructing an access road.

The cap itself included 97,000 square yards of geomembrane liner between 49,000 square yards of 6-inch subgrade fill and 96,000 square yards of 12-inch above geomembrane fill. Conti also placed a 97,000-yard composite drainage net over the geomembrane and 102,500 square yards of 6-inch topsoil over the cap.

After the cap was completed, the project team revegetated the site and performed one year of operations and maintenance to monitor the success of the cap. Conti Federal performed the project with zero safety incidents.

Key features of the project included:

  • Excavated 17,500 cubic yards of waste
  • Installed solid waste landfill cap, geomembrane liner, and stormwater management system
  • Installed active gas collection system
  • Cleared and grubbed site
  • Performed erosion control and revegetation
  • Constructed access road
  • Performed operations and maintenance