As the United States Army Security Agency’s principle training facility for nearly 25 years, Fort Devens is an important fixture in Massachusetts and Army history. The Army post that resided at the fort officially closed in 1996 and was transformed to contain housing developments, a growing business park, a hotel, restaurants and golf courses. In 2001, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) New England called for remediation of these contaminants at this Superfund site.

Conti Federal excavated and removed all contaminated soils from the former Fort Devens site per USACE direction. The team designed, procured and installed an oil recovery system for subsurface petroleum, including 12-inch CMP sumps and solar powered skimming devices. These devices removed free oil product from the open excavation water surface and saved money for additional electrical service. The USACE was on a tight timeline, so Conti Federal began excavation only six days after mobilization and achieved specified cleanup levels ahead of schedule.

At project completion, Conti Federal had sampled and analyzed 28 macrocore soil corings, 12 hollow stem auger soil borings with samples, 20 confirmatory soil samples and 10 waste characterization soil samples. The team removed 2,000 tons of soil and over 20 gallons of harmful petroleum product from open excavations.

Key features of the project included:

  • Excavated and removed contaminated soil for offsite treatment and disposal
  • Recovered and contained free petroleum product
  • Performed sampling and analysis
  • Installed monitoring wells
  • Performed mechanical dredging
  • Stockpiled and managed stockpiles
  • Performed chemical/geotechnical testing

“Thanks for all your effort the last few weeks. It’s nice to have responsive, trustworthy people like you on the project.”

– USACE New England official