Slight changes in taste and smell left many local residents wondering if there were problems with their water supply, leading to the formation of the High Falls Water District in Ulster County.

Through comprehensive water tests, the federal government discovered the drinking water did in fact contain significant amounts of volatile organic chemicals. To combat this, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) proposed a remedial project to create a new water source for Ulster County on the former Mohonk Road Industrial Plant Superfund Site.

Conti Federal began the two-phase project by constructing and installing a 4,650 square foot industrial facility housing a 350 gallon per minute water treatment plant along with a water tower providing ample storage for the newly formed water district. The team also installed fully automatic programmable logic controls (PLC) to help with precise water filtration.

Conti Federal connected this new plant to the nearby Catskill Aqueduct for water provisions, tapping into the existing 16-inch aqueduct, and installed over 2,500 linear feet of pipe to a raw water pit and 300,000 gallon storage tank. During Phase II, Conti Federal installed various 1-inch and 2-inch service connection, gate valves, meters and pressure gauges for 150 High Falls residents.

To keep with a strict time schedule, Conti Federal procured each custom piece of the industrial facility and water treatment plant months in advance while working to match all of the critical dimensions.

Conti Federal reached out to the High Falls community by providing each local homeowner with a schedule of when the work would be performed and a summary of the installation process.

The Highlights


Homes & Businesses

With the new water treatment plant, more than 400 homes and businesses received access to clean water again.


Square Feet

Conti Federal constructed a 4,650 square foot industrial facility housing a 350 gallon per minute water treatment plant. 


Linear Feet

2,500 linear feet of pipe was installed to a raw water pit. 



The new water treatment plant connected to a 300,000 gallon water storage tank .

In this image: An important part of the project ensured fire hydrants were also installed.

In this image: The team carefully lowers the ductile pipe. 

In this image: Paving of Mohonk Road. 

In this image: Concrete being poured for the foundation of the water treatment plant.

In this image: A view of the completed water storage tank and water treatment plant. 

In this image: During the ribbon cutting ceremony, guests received a tour of the water treatment plant.

In this image: A ribbon cutting celebration was held to commemorate the achievement of supplying clean water to residents.

In this image: USACE Col. Tortora, EPA Regional Administrator Steinberg, and Representative Hinchey toast with a glass of clean drinking water.

"It is a great day for Rosendale and Marbletown and a great day for water in the region."

Alan J. Steinberg, EPA Regional Administrator