Home to the 354th Fighter Wing, which supports mission operations, maintenance and medical functions for the Pacific, the base required services to clear Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) on its active Oklahoma, Blair Lakes and Yukon bombing and gunnery ranges.

Conti Federal mobilized quickly to Eielson Air Force Base upon contract award. The project team completed a military-approved work plan and assembled personnel, equipment and supplies in just eight working days, all transported to the remote location by helicopter. Crews were prepared with supplies for adverse conditions and also received specialized site training.

Conti Federal oversaw the assessment of each MEC, which was performed by experienced Unexploded Ordnance Technicians who then removed, gathered, segregated and transported the “dead“ MECs. The project team also safely demolished live MECs, documenting every step of the process for the Air Force. Conti Federal removed over 3,300 dangerous explosives with zero lost time incidents without affecting military training schedules.

Key features of the project included:

  • Identified and marked unexploded orfnances
  • Disposed of high explosive ordnances by detonation
  • Segregated, crated, marked, and certified MECs “explosive free” for practice ordnances, bomb fins, and scrap metal
  • Performed surface and sub-surface clearance
  • Developed plans in accordance with military guidelines

Conti Federal worked at Eielson Air Force Base between July and September, in which there were only 22 hours of daylight total. Due to the remote nature of the location, the crew camped onsite between their 12 to 14-hour work days, keeping a fire going throughout the night to deter wild animals.