Conti Federal Services and Encore Construction Announce Strategic Partnership

Conti Federal Services and Encore Construction Announce Strategic Partnership

December 14 2021

Orlando, FL. – December 14, 2021 - Conti Federal Services, a leading U.S. government construction and engineering firm specializing in complex critical infrastructure, disaster response and recovery, and environmental remediation projects, today announced its new partnership with Encore Construction, solidifying support for project development and execution as well as enhancing Conti Federal’s global presence.

The partnership will leverage Encore’s local capabilities and networks to support Conti Federal’s work with the Department of Defense and other federal agencies, both domestically and globally. Work between the two teams will be heavily integrated, with a core Encore team already onboard to assist Conti Federal in the development and execution of current projects.

Encore offers a breadth and depth of global talent and an extensive network of specialty partner, supplier, and subcontractor relationships throughout the United States, Europe, and Middle East. Alongside facilitating the movement of materials and equipment across projects, Conti Federal will embrace Encore’s highly skilled teams of licensed and internationally certified professionals, including engineers, architects, procurement specialists and logisticians.

“We were looking for a highly ethical firm that offered synergistic capabilities and aligned with leadership regarding our mission and principles, and Encore was the perfect fit,” said Peter Ceribelli, CEO, Conti Federal Services. “They are a multi-dimensional, strategic partner that can help facilitate our expansion throughout Europe and the Middle East to support the growing U.S. mission in those regions.”

Encore brings a competitive advantage within the supply chain market to the partnership, opening access to opportunities and materials throughout the globe. Encore’s global execution capabilities will allow for Conti Federal’s government projects to be ramped up quickly, with both resources and people already on site as contracts are awarded.

“Encore brings a combination of an American business approach and global expertise around culture, relationships and regulations to every project,” said Tayfun Yesilpinar, Managing Director, Encore Construction Company. “We know how to competitively and effectively operate in each country, bringing not only manpower and mobilization to federal contracts, but overall value to the partnership.”

The combined companies have strong experience working with the U.S. government, specifically with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) and US Department of State. With Encore’s partnership, Conti Federal will be able to leverage relationships to grow throughout Europe and the Middle East while maintaining a consistent footprint within the United States.


About Conti Federal

Conti Federal Services is a leading global construction and engineering company with roots dating back 115 years. The company has delivered some of the most demanding projects for the U.S. federal government, on time and on budget. Conti Federal specializes in disaster preparedness and recovery, classified and secure construction, critical infrastructure and environmental remediation. Conti Federal is dedicated to ensuring clients meet mission success while committing to their core values of safety, integrity, and compliance.


About Encore Construction Company

Encore Construction Company is part of the greater Encore Group known for specializing in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Project Management. The Encore Group brings a high-quality of work to the most challenging and austere markets around the globe, standing by its core values of Safety, Reliability, Respect, and Law. Since 2008, the Encore Group has focused on US Government Design and Build projects drawing success from its exceptionally qualified in-house team of US-trained, educated, and licensed personnel driven by on-budget and on-time product delivery while exceeding industry standards and customer expectations.