Warrior Lean™ Construction Management System

Field Ready Always.

Warrior Lean is a proprietary construction management system that was designed by Conti Federal to facilitate project planning and delivery. It brings a warfighter mentality to the construction industry, which helps to complete projects on-time and on-budget while adding value to the project by aligning our thinking to the requirements of the overall mission.

Warrior Lean is the only lean construction management process that brings the sharp decision-making prowess of the military to mission-critical projects. Everyone has a plan until something goes wrong. Warrior Lean keeps construction management system keeps projects on course when the unexpected happens, applying a proactive, warfighting mentality when decisions need to be made - and made quickly.

Warrior Lean construction management system consists of four elements that combine key principles of lean construction with maneuver warfare tactics to drive significant performance improvement.

1. Alignment: By engaging key stakeholders at the onset and throughout the project, this step drives mission congruence, collaboration, and communication, among all parties.

2. Assessment: Consistent and transparent communication ensures early identification of risks and areas of opportunity allowing sufficient time to develop strategies to realize time and cost savings.

3. Planning: Tapping into proven lean construction methodologies such as pull planning and the PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act) cycle, project schedules are continually assessed to ensure on-time delivery.

4. Execution: Layering in maneuver warfare and the OODA (Observe – Orient – Decide – Act) loop incorporates a critical thinking and execution component that ensures team members are equipped and enabled to make decisions in the field quickly as issues arise or conditions change.

By employing the Warrior Lean™ construction management system during a recent runway construction project, the team was able to yield a 50% reduction in the project schedule. Similarly, successful implementation of Conti Federal’s Warrior Lean™ construction management system during a key element of groundwater remediation project increased productivity by nearly eight times.