Who we are

Conti Federal Services executes construction projects for the US Federal Government. We have delivered some of the most demanding and complex projects in the US and around the world, from new F-35 fighter jet facilities in Israel to levee and flood infrastructure in New Orleans to restoration of more than 1,300 residences impacted by Superstorm Sandy in New York City to a remote remediation project in the mountains of Idaho.

Whatever or wherever your project need, Conti Federal Services has the approach, the personnel, and the expertise to help you realize mission success.

Awards & Rankings

Demonstrating Conti’s commitment as the gold standard for both business and project excellence are the dozens of awards received from our clients, employees and industry peers.

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Drawing on over a century of rich history, Conti develops, engineers, constructs, owns and operates facilities, infrastructure, environmental and energy projects worldwide, finishing every project we ever started.

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Values & Ethics

From employees to vendors to business partners, every member of the Conti team conducts business fairly, impartially and ethically, in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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Conti recognizes and upholds its responsibility to perform work ethically and to the highest quality standards, and also to give back to people and communities.

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The Conti Group

For over a century, The Conti Group has built successful, reputable businesses that make a positive impact on the world.  The Conti Group grows companies and ventures using creativity, innovation and hard work.  They are currently invested in real estate, construction, engineering, technology, biotech, and renewable energy - but our horizons are unlimited.  Their ethical approach to business, combined with a keen eye for opportunity and a collaborative spirit, creates successful results for The Conti Group, their companies, and the communities they serve.

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Conti Federal

For nearly 40 years, Conti Federal Services has delivered on-time and on-budget performance for some of the US Federal Government’s most challenging projects by operating according to our core values of safety, integrity, and compliance. Conti Federal’s expertise ranges from highly technical facilities supporting the F-35 fighter program in remote locations to critical infrastructure and resiliency projects, delivered both domestically and around the world.

Conti Enterprises

Conti Enterprises specializes in infrastructure construction projects – from transportation to heavy civil and beyond – for public and private sector clients.

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Conti Development

Conti Development is the real estate development and investment component of The Conti Group. For the past 10 years, Conti Development has combined its unique background of construction and engineering with finance and capital markets to develop, improve, and invest in commercial and residential real estate projects throughout the United States.


Tenna is the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations. Going beyond tracking, Tenna blends cutting-edge technology with more than 100 years of construction experience to help companies know more, control more and make more.

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